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Kavitsu gearbox:

Kavitsu gearbox for power transmission in Industries:

  • Cement Industry

Our Mission:

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To become a globally competitive engineering industry while working as an instrument for achieving self-reliance in design,manufacture and maintenance of Kavitsu products and diversifying to related areas ,managing the business on commercial lines in a climate of growing professional competence



Kavitsu planetary gear drives represents a significant technical success in mechanical power transmission system. Kavitsu is manufacturing and supplying planetary gear systems and allied products for last 19 years. A wide range of products including Gear boxes, Electric motors, Torque limiters and so on are the evidences of good R&D capabilities and number of satisfied customers are the eyewitnesses for a good quality and service.

High operating efficiency, space saving compactness, easier mountings, wide range of reduction ratio, robust design, virtually maintenance free operation are some of advantages associated with Kavitsu planetary gear boxes . A critical selection procedure, practical based design, exactness of application gives the long peak performance to add up the continuity in list of satisfied customers and users.

Our range of products include Planetary gearbox, Helical gearbox, Bevel gearbox, Worm and worm wheel gearbox. We also manufacture and supply custom built gearboxes as per the needs of the customer. After all, customer satisfaction is what Kavitsu is here for.


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