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About Kavitsu

Kavitsu planetary speed reducers represent a significant technical success in mechanical power transmission system. Kavitsu is manufacturing and supplying planetary gearboxes and allied products for last 19 years. A wide range of products including Gear boxes, Electric motors, Torque limiters and so on are the evidences of good R&D capabilities and number of satisfied customers are the eyewitnesses for a good quality and service.

Kavitsu has 4 companies under its group.

1. Kavitsu Transmissions Pvt. Ltd.

Kavitsu is one of the leading manufacturer of Planetary and Helical gear drives required by Sugar industry. We have developed Mill drives required for Sugar as well as cement and steel industry upto 1500 HP and the range will soon be extended to 2000 HP. Crystallizers to suit 1000 MT tank capacity are successfully running in Thailand for past 2 seasons. We are soon extending our range to Worm gear boxes so as to suit certain applications where space is a constraint. Currently in development are Wind turbine gearboxes to suit 1500 KW wind mills as well as marine duty gear drives.


2. Kavitsu Automations

Here, we manufacture small planetary, helical, and worm and worm wheel gearboxes, in bulk quantities. Approximately 500 gearboxes are manufactured and dispatched every month. Major clients that are being served in here are Printing press machinery manufacturers, Textile industry, conveyer belt OEM.


3. Kavitsu Machine-o-electriks

A dedicated heat treatment facility started for in-house consumption.


4. Kavitsu Robotronix Pvt. Ltd.

Now, Kavitsu has started with the production of high quality Slew Ring Bearings. Under the new entity, Kavitsu Robotronix Pvt. Ltd, we are now able to cater the Indian market with Slew bearings upto 3000 mm diameter. We are among the few indigenous manufacturers who are helping the local customers in reducing their costs, while matching the precision of the European manufacturers.

We cater to almost every sector where horizontal as well as vertical rotation is required. Be it dockyard cranes, mining equipment or even robotic arms, we provide a solution for them all. Some of the other sectors where we deliver are wind mills, heavy construction equipment, portable cranes, turn tables, solar energy panels and many more.

We not only provide solutions for the enquiries we receive, we also send our engineers to the site in order to understand the requirement of the customer. Customer is our priority!

We will be looking forward on having healthy business relations with your company in the coming future.

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