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Crystallizer Drive:

Why planetary over worm for a crystallizer drive?

When it comes to sugar crystallizer drives, more and more people are going towards Planetary drives as their preferred choice over the conventional Worm and worm wheel drives.

The advantages of using a Planetary gear over a conventional gear system are:

  1. They have high power density as compared to a traditional Worm wheel arrangement.
  2. Due to the higher power density as compared to conventional systems, they are compact. It definitely saves up space and the system looks clean.
  3. They are highly efficient when it comes to power transmission. Around 95% efficiency can be achieved using these type of gear drives.
  4. They provide greater stability as compared to the traditions arrangement. They can be directly fitted on the shaft of the crystallizer equipment, thus eliminating the usage of couplings.
  5. Load is distributed evenly among the planetary gears. The crystallizer drive is generally a combination of helical and planetary drive systems.


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Kavitsu has been providing reliable solutions to Sugar factories since past 15 years! Our crystallizer drives are running non stop since 1998!


Crystallizer drive

Kavitsu offers customized solutions to the clients. We offer suitable crystallizer drives with different output RPM’s so as to satisfy the customers requirement. Before going ahead with the discussions, our engineers visit the client site, to exactly see the requirements and also to understand the issues faced by the client when using the previous gear boxes. Only then an official quotation is made and handed over to the client for further discussions.

Our drives come with a 2 year warranty and we suggest scheduled maintenance of the gear drives so as to ensure trouble free running.

We have also developed Torque Limiter, a fail safe device to be used with the crystallizer drive. It ensures that, in the event of a failure in the crystallizer pan, the crystallizer should stop rotating, even if the motor is running. This makes sure that no damage is done to the crystallizer as well as the crystallizer drive.

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