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Mill drives by Kavitsu

Mill drives are generally used in sugar mills for crushing of the sugar cane.

Kavitsu has been supplying planetary gear products for the sugar industry since past 15 years. Our latest design, Mill drives for Sugar industry are an epitome for best quality and reliability. Planetary gearboxes have always been more efficient and have had better mechanical ratings as compared with same powered helical gearboxes, and hence, the planetary mill drives are no different. They offer additional advantages such as space saving, have more efficiency, less mechanical losses and so on.

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Kavitsu incorporates latest design for its mill drives and has thus managed to make them more efficient. Our new design is approximately 5 – 7% more efficient than the previous design, which was already one of the most efficient in its class.

Our range for Planetary mill drives goes from 60 HP to 1500 HP. We already are in the process of going beyond the 1500 HP capacity and will soon be serving the Sugar industry with 1800 HP Planetary mill drives.

Kavitsu Mill drive

Depending on the capacity of the plant, the mill drives either come in 3 or 4 stages, wherein the first stage is a helical stage, which helps to transmit the high input power more efficiently while keeping the temperature down. The remaining stages are planetary, with either 4 or 5 planets rotating around the Sun gear. The shaft, as required by the clients is a solid square shaft, which is then coupled with a wire rope coupling onto the shaft of the mill roller.

Our mill drives also come with a forced lubricating system, which ensures the proper lubrication of the gearbox, while restricting the temperature.

Kavitsu mill drives

Below are some of the photos of the actual installations of Kavitsu Mill drives ( OLD DESIGN) in various sugar industries in India. Our 500 HP mill drive is running successfully in Chaddha Sugar for more than 2 seasons now without a single hour of breakdown. Similarly, Ponni sugars erode have using our Mill drives since 2006 without any issues.