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Miniature Gearbox

Miniature Gearbox:

Kavitsu has started its full fledged production line to cater the miniature gearbox or in other words for the Indian as well as global market. Such gearboxes are generally used where high torque is required and space is a constraint. Some of the applications include robotics, solar panel tracking systems, defense systems, remote controlled toys and so on.

miniature gearbox Miniature Gearbox Miniature Gearbox mini planetary

Our range of miniature gearbox are available in 25, 32, 45 mm diameter and give an output torque of up to 15 NM. Developed in-line with international quality standards, this gear box transfers required power and motion. Our range of miniature gearbox comes in different reduction ratios ranging from 3.2 which is available in single stage and goes up to 625, which is available in quadruplet stages. These miniature gearbox box are fabricated from high quality tested raw material and it further undergoes surface treatment to meet 12V & 24V DC input and to ensure long service life.With a proper R & D, the design is made to transfer required power and motion. Kavitsu is having its well established set up with proper facility of manufacturing activity, supported by well trained force of quality control.

These gearboxes are suitable for intermittent as well as controlled duty cycle. The pion as well as the gear sets ( planets and the sun gear) are made from high quality iron, which ensures reliability and long life.The steel output shaft is hardened, which makes sure it can transmit the torque effectively.

The Picture below shows the components which make a mini planetary gearbox as a whole.

The applications where such types of miniature gearbox are used are:

  1. Robotics,
  2. Defense equipment
  3. Solar tracking panel systems
  4. Automatic roller curtains
  5. Automatic doors
  6. Roller shutters
  7. Remote controlled vehicles

Our monthly production capacity is 50,000 miniature gearboxes per month, all thanks to the professional and skilled labor.This is the reason why we are one of the leading suppliers for such gearboxes over the globe.


Miniature gearbox compared to a car key

Kavitsu Mini planetary gearbox

Miniature gearbox compared to a pen

We also supply mini slew ring bearings along with our mini planetary gearboxes. To know more about our product, Kavitsu Slew Ring Bearing