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Kavitsu is a group company, engaged in manufacturing mechanical power transmission products, electric motors and planetary-geared drives required in Robotics. The group has a track record of serving industrial and other users for more than two decades. It has manufacturing facilities segregated in four locations in Western India. Over the years, the group companies have supplied products to a large number of customers in India, and have exported many of its products to customers in a number of developing countries including Indonesia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, KSA, etc. It has trading partners in some of these countries. The entities in the group, have embraced the TQM concepts, and are operating matured quality management systems conforming to the international standard ISO 9001.

Slewing Ring Bearings (SLRBs) stand out as a prominent class of products among Kavitsu’s offerings. These are characterised by high load capacities relative to its overall dimensions, and capability of its rolling elements to bear high axial thrust, radial, and moment loads. The greatest advantage of load handling equipment using slewing ring bearings is that, these are compact and occupies minimum space. As such, these are ideal for use in overhead cranes or vehicle-mounted cranes with telescopic boom or in other equipment that are required to be compact. SLRBs transmit power through gears provided either outside the ring or inside the ring, depending on the plan for use and the application.

Our present manufacturing range covers sizes up to 3.2 metres, and is available in four types for bearing configurations. The bearing configurations are respectively single row four-point contact ball, two-row ball, three-row roller, and crossed roller. The choice of these configurations is determined by the magnitudes of axial and radial thrusts and thrust directions on the bearing. The designer determines the thrusts based on the data of customer requirements, and provides the one that best suits the application.

Kavitsu’s in-house team has been fully responsible for development of the slewing ring bearing. There were no Indian companies manufacturing SLRBs when we first introduced it. The company made significant improvements thereafter in the design, and in the manufacturing processes, based on actual experience over a period of time. The quality sensitivities of the product demands use of high quality steel and its heat treatment in the manufacturing process and choice of the type of rolling elements.

Our manufacturing facilities include CNC lathes to handle sizes up to 3.5 meters, special purpose groove grinding machines, and modern testing facilities. Our Induction Hardening Furnace with PLC/CNC control ensures that every work piece is hardened to very precise specifications.

Our slewing ring bearings are suitable for use in industries such as sugar, steel, cement, construction, wastewater treatment, automobile, robotics, etc., besides offshore and onshore oil prospecting and production.

Our interactions with customers for requirement of slewing ring bearings start right at the stage of identification through stages of order handling and production, until product is delivered, and post-delivery obligations are discharged. We also provide call-services on a continuing basis, for considerations. At the pre-contract stage, we fully understand customer requirements through interactions and data are obtained in a questionnaire that will be used as inputs for selecting a standard design or for customizing a design.

Our corporate policy is to meet customer requirements consistently and exceed their expectations. We do it in a professional manner and strive for enhancing customer satisfaction as we go on improving our products and services through feedback and root-cause analysis. We have computer aided design (CAD) facilities for all our products and we adopt statistical process controls in manufacturing operations. Our manufacturing tolerances are determined in such a manner that, equipment is cost-effective, and perform in a reliable manner. We ensure that no defective product goes out. This applies to all our products.

Kavitsu group has strength of over 300 dedicated personnel including managers, officers, and skilled technicians and supporting staff. The core manufacturing facilities are housed in a space of about 80,000 square feet. The company has been rated as category SE 2 B by CRISIL. The group’s present annual turnover is about Rs.350 million, and the group expects to cross Rs.1000 million within the next two years.

The company has been honoured with many awards from customers as well as from professional institutions. It has participated in many international exhibitions, the most recent one, being the one in Nigeria during May 2013 at the India Sugar Expo International. We are planning to introduce many more variants of slewing ring bearings and many lateral additions.

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