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Yaw gearbox

Yaw gearbox

Yaw gearbox is a new development from Kavitsu team. Kavitsu has been a pioneer in planetary gear technology and this latest offering marks a milestone for the Indian wind industry.

In a wind turbine, yaw gearbox is generally used to rotate the nacelle (a housing which incorporates all the components in the wind turbine) against the force of the wind.

Yaw gearbox

Yaw gearbox design:

The Yaw gearbox is designed using planetary gear technology. Generally, depending on the required ratio, it can be a 4 stage or a 5 stage planetary drive with a pinion gear, which can be an integral part of the output shaft or it can be inserted into the output shaft.

Kavitsu design team is continuously striving hard to reduce the weight and size of the yaw gearbox so that the customer can benefit from weight reduction and maximized efficiency.

Yaw gearbox

Quality control for Yaw gearbox

Yaw gearbox is a precise drive system which ensures proper control of the blade to maximize the energy produced by the wind turbine. The components used in the yaw gearbox are processed on state-of-the-art manufacturing facility  and  are thoroughly checked by our quality control department to ensure highest quality. The in-house heat treatment facility eliminates the possibility of sub-standard heat treatment from the vendor end. This in turn increases the life of the components.

The main features of Kavitsu Yaw gearbox are as below:

  • The configuration is available in bevel input or in-line planetary
  • Available in 2 stage to 5 stage planetary configuration
  • Depending on the required ratio and torque, the planetary configuration comprises of 3, 4 or 5 gears
  • Output shaft has pinion incorporated or can be attached separately
  • Housings are made from cast iron due to their capability of withstanding greater load
  • Input can be designed as per customers requirement ( eg. Electric motor, brake motor, etc.)